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Dweebs World 1.1

GJ GamesPublisher:
2003-8-17 Data Added:
4550KBFile Size:

Fun, colorful platform/puzzle game for the whole family with challenging levels to explore. If you like Platform/Puzzle games, you ll love this game . You guide your hero through all the uniquely designed levels, avoiding the enemies as you go. Comes with a high score table, built-in help, lots of powerups and special features.
The Mortal enemy of the Dweebs (The Dorks) have sent space monsters to invade the Dweebs small planet DWEEBONIA and take over the mint mines
Somewhere in a hidden cave, high in the Dweeb mountains, the Dweeb Elders saved a Dweeb Egg and stored it in a space capsule, then launched it to planet Earth.
The only problem is, that there were some Dork eggs on board also, which is going to hatch out into horrible Dorks


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