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DVD Region-Free 3.03

Fengtao SoftwarePublisher:
2004-1-12 Data Added:
707KBFile Size:

DVD Region-Free enables you to watch any region DVD on region-locked DVD drive. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive s region anymore. You needn t hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is sometimes dangerous, useless or unavailable.

DVD Region-Free disables region check for software DVD players such as PowerDVD, WinDVD, ATI DVD Player, DirectDVD, NVDVD, CinePlayer, Windows Media Player, PCFriendly Player, InterActual Player, TheaterTek DVD and UltraDVD.

DVD Region-Free enables DVD copy software such as DVDFab, DVD2One, Pinnacle InstantCopy, DVD Shrink and Nero Recode to copy DVD from DVD drive directly.

Other features include Region-Free for RCE DVDs, Macrovision-Free, Operation-Free, Direct-Play DVD menu or movie, and run self at DVD programs startup automatically.


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