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Arcsoft Showbiz DVD 2

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Key Features:

- All new interface: three easy-to-follow modules for capturing video, editing your movie, and creating a DVD disc.
- Cooler text options: hundreds of new text effects, styles and animations.
- DVD Slideshow Wizard: design photo slideshows to add to your DVD project - includes pan & zoom special effects for each slide.
- Advanced file rendering: use constant or variable bit rate along with ShowBiz Smart Rendering for faster video compilation.
- Customizable Storyboard: change the video track style to make working with your projects easier

DVD easier than ever with ShowBiz DVD 2!

It s your time to go digital. Making DVD movies is no longer exclusively for techies and video enthusiasts. ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2 is made for people just like you everyday folk who want to get in on the coolest technologies without having to spend hours and hours learning how to use complicated software. In no time you ll be capturing video and designing your own DVDs! The program lets you assemble photos and videos onto the Storyboard, then combines everything together and puts your final movie on DVD.

Connect it and go
Have a cool new digital video camcorder? Connect it and go. Got a Web cam? Connect it and go. Got a video capture card? Connect your video source and go. It s that simple. ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2 makes it easy to capture video from virtually any device.

Just like a pro...
That s right, you re in charge when it comes to making your movie. And we re talking about all the cool stuff, not just video clips. We re talking transitions, special effects, and animated text. You can keep things simple, sure. But you can also add fun frames around various parts of your movie, intro and ending credits, ongoing commentary or music (or both!), and ton of other cool special effects.

Now that s cool!
Okay, so you ve probably added text to your videos before. What s the big deal?you re thinking. Wait until you check out our new Fancy text sets, along with

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